Criminal Defence Lawyer in Japan – OMORI LAW OFFICE

We are lawyers based in Osaka, the centre of Kansai area, western Japan. A lawyer with extensive experience in litigation representing individuals and especially focusing in criminal cases, is available in English.

Without legal assistance, those who are arrested or prosecuted in suspect of committing a crime could face serious problems, especially if it happens in a foreign country. Criminal defence lawyers who are able to communicate without interpreters are yet not common in Japan. We deal mainly with litigation cases in Japan, especially with criminal cases. We advise and defend people who are involved in a criminal case in Japan, arrested and investigated by the police, or facing a criminal trial. We can also provide advice and representation on dispute cases and settle them before they develop into criminal cases.

In recent years, many Japanese lawyers are specializing into specific fields and lawyers without many litigation experiences are increasing. However, a lawyer with a wider range of legal knowledge and more litigation experience can respond more flexibly to the case. By utilizing our extensive legal knowledge and our abundant litigation experience, we are striving to provide legal services of higher standards.

Needless to say, no case is the same, and the circumstances and the needs of each client differ greatly. Not like some large-scale law firms that tend to rely on manual-based routine work, we are committed to providing the best legal services that are tailored to the needs of each client.

Office information

Our office is located in Nishi-Temma, near the Osaka District Court and Osaka High Court. It is possible to come on foot from the centre of Osaka city, Umeda, Kita-Shinchi, Yodoyabashi, Minami-Morimachi.

For details, please see the access page of this website.


An English speaking lawyer is available, and consultations in English is possible.

If you would like to consult us, please call (06) 6131-1868 and ask for Omori, or contact us via the inquiry form on this website.

We work mainly on cases in the Kansai area(Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, Shiga), but please consult us for cases in other areas.


About the Lawyer

OMORI, Keiichi – Founder

DSC09452+I spent my childhood in the UK, and after returning to Japan, I studied law in Kyoto and passed the bar exams, and became a lawyer in Japan.

I started my career as as a pro-bono lawyer and a public defender at the public law office established by the Osaka Bar Association, Osaka Frontier Law Office (afterwards which became Osaka Public Law Office, one of the most famous law offices for criminal defence in Japan). There I mainly represented people who were facing financial or other difficulties and had difficulty to access legal services.

In 2007, I was appointed as the first managing lawyer of the Nakamura Himawari-Fund Law Office, a public law office established by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations in the legally isolated area of Kochi Prefecture. There I dealt with a wide variety of legal disputes and acquired extensive experience in dispute resolution.

After completing the term of service at the Nakamura Himawari-Fund Law Office, I spent some time studying in the UK about the legal systems in the common law and the civil law countries. Returning to Japan, I was appointed by the Japanese government in 2013, to research and plan the legal system, and draft the amendment bills for consumer damage redress and corporate compliance.

After the expiration of the term of service, I worked for a law firm specializing in international criminal cases.  Deepening expertise in criminal cases, and in cases involving clients from foreign countries, I joined Yasunaga Ichiro’s Law Office in 2017 as a partner.

In 2021, I founded this office, Omori Law Office.

Currently, I am dealing mainly in wide range of dispute resolution, from personal injury cases to contract cases. I am especially focusing on criminal cases, from common cases such as illegal drug usage and traffic accidents to high profile serious crime cases in lay judge trials. I take cases from clients from foreign countries and are not familiar with the Japanese law system.


Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Law(LLB)
Graduated from Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court


Osaka Bar Association Criminal Defense Committee
Osaka Bar Association Human Rights Committee
Osaka Bar Association Whistleblower Support Committee
Japan Federation of Bar Associations Consumer Affairs Committee
Transparency Japan
Keiji-bengo Forum(Criminal Defenders Forum), etc.